IMFHG Constitution


Iowa Master Farm Homemakers Guild Constitution
(Revised 2017) 

Article I—Name

This organization shall be known as the Iowa Master Farm Homemakers Guild.


Article II—Object 

The object of this guild shall be to stimulate a desire in the hearts and minds of all Iowa farm homemakers to achieve the highest standards of homemaking and community service.


Article III—Membership

Membership in this guild shall be made up of all Iowa farmwomen who have been given recognition as Master Farm Homemakers by Wallaces Farmer  magazine in cooperation with Iowa State University Extension staff.


Article IV—Officers

1.      The officers of this guild shall be president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and will constitute the executive board.  The historian, appointed by the President, shall have an advisory role on the executive board.  An associate treasurer could be added as congruent with the national organization.

2.      The officers, with the exception of the historian who shall be appointed by the President, shall be elected at the business session of the annual meeting.

3.      A majority of all votes cast  shall be necessary to constitute an election.

4.      If during the year, a vacancy occurs on the executive board, the president shall appoint someone to serve until the next annual meeting.  The appointee shall be eligible for election to a full term of that office.

5.      An officer can serve more than one term if willing and capable at the discretion of the nominating committee. (amendment to by-laws approved 9/8/2017) 


Article V—Meetings

There shall be an annual meeting of the guild, the time and place to coincide with the date of the Master Farm Homemakers awards program.  There will also be a spring meeting, held on a date set at the annual meeting.


Article VI—Quorum

All members at any regular meeting shall constitute a quorum.


Article VII—Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any annual meeting by a vote of two-thirds of all members present.  The proposed amendments shall be enclosed with the notice sent to all members concerning date and place of annual meeting.


(Revised 2015)

Article I—Duties of Officers 

1.      The president shall preside at all meetings.  The president shall call all meetings and appoint all committees, including the nominating committee, subject to approval by the executive board.  The President shall report to the National Master Farm Homemakers Guild.

2.      The vice-president shall preside in case the president is absent.  This vice president shall provide an opening challenge at each meeting.  She also shall obtain a list of foreign visits and visitors of members at each meeting, which shall be placed in the President’s file.

3.      The secretary shall keep all records of the guild and shall write the minutes of each meeting.

4.      The treasurer shall collect all dues and shall pay all authorized bills as they come due.  The treasurer shall be responsible for passing the project envelopes for Pennies for Friendship, Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship Fund, Water-For-All and Nutrition/Sight-Saver at each meeting.  Inform President of the amount for her report.

5.      The historian shall keep records of clippings concerning the members, including the president’s annual report.


Article II--Dues

l.  The annual dues for each member, which include the national dues, shall be recommended by the executive board and approved by majority vote at the annual business meeting of the guild.  Dues are payable at the annual business meeting of the guild.  Dues to the National Guild are payable by the Iowa treasurer November 1 of each year.

2.  The guild shall pay annual dues to the Country Women’s Council (CWC) and the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) as a constituent member.  Both are payable to the treasurer of National Master Farm Homemakers Guild by November 1 of each year.  (Revision at CWC meeting in 2013)


Article III—Elections

In order that all officers shall not leave office in any one year, the president and treasurer shall be elected in odd years and the vice president and secretary in even, or alternate years.  Officers’ terms commence January 1 following election.


Article IV--Amendments

These by-laws may be amended at any annual meeting by a majority vote of the members present.  Proposed amendments to these policies shall be submitted in writing by a member to any executive board member for consideration. These policies may be amended by a majority vote of those members present at either the spring or fall meeting.


Article V—Finances

1.  A yearly budget shall be presented at the yearly executive board meeting by the treasurer to be held in January for discussion and approval at the annual spring business meeting.

2.  Following each meeting, the treasurer shall record money collected from the project envelopes, and because of need, shall send it soon thereafter to NMFHG  A minimum of $150 annually shall be sent to Pennies for Friendship by December 1 to ACWW.

3.  Officers shall be reimbursed for phone calls and mailing costs for which verification can be provided.

4.  A minimum of $100 expense money shall be allowed the state president for each CWC and NMFHG meetings, and Triennial registration she attends during her term of office.

5.  Although inductees remain members for life, the name of an inductee not paying dues over a three year period shall be placed on the inactive list, and she shall no longer receive mailings.  A member may be reinstated anytime by paying only the dues for  current year.

6.  Upon notification of the death of either an active or inactive member, the treasurer shall send a $10 memorial in her name to the Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship Fund and in a note of condolence to the family, she shall inform them of the memorial.  Also, if notified, the treasurer shall send a note of condolence to the member upon the death of her spouse or child.  All members shall be expected to assist with the above notifications.

7.  An auditor from the membership, selected by the outgoing president, shall conduct an audit of the financial records yearly.


Article VI—Awards Program 

To aid in the search for new members, news releases shall be sent home with each member attending the fall meeting.  Each member, in turn, shall submit it to the media in her respective community.

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