Iowa Master Farm Homemakers



09/08/2022 Fall Meeting:  Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines

President Joyce Gauger called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. welcoming all in attendance as well as any guests.

Secretary Darla Thompson led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Cindee Schnekloth then led all in singing the IMFHG Song.  Vice President Anne Marie Nelson gave the invocation.

Roll call was done by the decade and answered by 31 members.  Joyce acknowledged anyone inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame, who attend their county fair and who came the farthest.  Anne Marie presented the memorial for deceased members and spouses in the past year.  Joyce also encouraged members to talk to their families and/or write down what they would like done with their IMFHG pin and member binder upon their death.

The secretary’s report was mailed to members and Joyce called for any corrections or additions.  Leah Maass moved to accept the secretary’s report, Pat Carney seconded, motion carried.

Treasurer JoAnn Alumbaugh reported 54 members paid to date and went through each line item on her submitted report with an explanation as needed.  The Sukup Safe-T-Home has been paid for at a cost of $7500 and she has received a thank you.  A donation bag was passed for the Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship and one for the newly created Iowa Master Farm Homemakers Scholarship.  JoAnn introduced Jennifer Carrico, Editor Wallaces Farmer.  Jennifer spoke about her personal background in agriculture and her family farm heritage of 151 years as well as her work with the recent Farm Progress Show.  She stated that Wallaces Farmer will continue to interview and write the articles for the IMFHG inductees in the future, but that their financial support will end after covering expenses through 2022.  She explained a new contest she began named Iowa’s Beautiful Barn with submissions due by September 15th as well as any nomination for Iowa Master Farmer due by October 1st.  Barbara Oldham moved to approve the treasurer’s report until further auditing, Coleen VanDyke seconded, motion carried.

Kelly Keitzer distributed a handout regarding what can be and what the group may want included on the IMFHG website.  She also suggested a possible private Facebook page for members.  It is realized there are many who are not comfortable on the computer but that the future of the organization may need to include these functions.

Kelly also spoke of the upcoming spring meeting to take place April 14-15, 2023 in Pella, Iowa.  This is the Friday and Saturday after Easter.  Possible activities may include a come and go quilting workshop for Quilts of Valor along with a meet and greet.  Joyce Stover will bring the necessary materials.  The Pella Opera House located in historic downtown Pella will be the location of our meeting and lunch and we can go on from there to explore Pella on our own and brochures were available.  The theme of the meeting will be An Attitude of Gratitude with the focus on our veterans.  We want to honor those who we can with a quilt of valor if he/she has not received one in the past.  We are to get nominations to Joyce Stover or Kelly Keitzer. 

Jeanne Handy gave the National Master Farm Homemakers report about the upcoming meeting September 14-17th in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  She knew of 36 signed up for the meeting which included spouses/guests.  Colorado has said they intend to have a meeting in August of 2023 in the western part of Colorado.  There is a need to discuss the future of the national organization.  IMFHG President Joyce Gauger presented a paper ballot for each member to vote yes or no to express whether to stay with NMFHG or not.  JoAnn Alumbaugh explained that we send dues of $1200 yearly to the national group but that we could still support a project as a group or personally and that anyone can be a personal member of the national group.  It was also explained that being a member of NMFHG has been our avenue of membership of both the Country Women’s Council (CWC) and Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) but that we can still support any project either of these organizations may have if the group votes to do so and that a personal membership can be maintained by anyone.  Ballots were counted by Leah Maass and Marylou Ahrens with results as:  9/yes, 21/no, 1 abstains.  Dues have been paid and we will no longer belong to NMFHG as of the end of 2022. 



Loy Walker, CWC Chairman, reported of their upcoming meeting September 19-21, 2022 at North Little Rock, Arkansas.  She noted that changes are happening and as of 2024 there will be a CWC meeting one year and an ACWW meeting the next year so as to not have both meetings to attend in one year due to travel expenses.  ACWW now has gone to a system of not having a special category or department for their projects and no Pennies for Friendship.  All project money will be given in one collection area and they will distribute the funds once the project area is decided upon.  Loy has not been told yet just how this will work and there will be questions and discussion at the upcoming meetings.  The ACWW president will be attending both meetings. 

Loy then explained for newer members the meaning of the acronyms of our organizations and how we can be members on our own for a fee of $25 annually for CWC and $65 for a three-year membership to ACWW.  The triennial will be held in Malaysia in May of 2023 and Loy is planning on attending.  Equality for women in all countries is an important cause of our organizations.

JoAnn Alumbaugh moved to accept Loy as our CWC delegate to carry our Iowa vote, Jeanne Handy seconded, motion carried.  Jeanne will appoint an alternate for a delegate to CWC if she is able to surface someone who is attending.  Cindee Schnekloth moved to give Loy a donation of $500 for her ACWW expenses to Malaysia in 2023, Nancy Beyer seconded, motion carried.

Marylou Ahrens had copies of the newly created $500 IMFHG Scholarship application and news release for members to take home and distribute locally to guidance counselors, FFA instructors, county Farm Bureaus and papers.  This will be an in-state scholarship with an April 1st deadline.  We are still supporting the Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship.  This was for discussion only as it had been voted on at our spring meeting.  Marylou and JoAnn have both pledged $100/year for 10 years to help fund this new scholarship and others may do so in any monetary amount either now or in the future.  A bag for donations will continue to be passed at meetings.

Nomination Committee members Mardyll Benson and Carol Gilbert presented Carol Gilbert as secretary and Mari Lynn Heineman as vice president.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Coleen Van Dyke moved nominations cease, Leah Maass seconded, motion carried.  JoAnn Alumbaugh moved to accept the slate of officers, Cindee Schnekloth seconded, motion carried.  Joyce explained about a newly appointed position of Membership Coordinator that Darla will fill.  She will work with the new secretary to put together a division of duties going forward. 

There was discussion about the $10 honorarium given in memory of a deceased member to the Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship.  Any change in procedure will require a by-law change.

Leah Maass reported on the membership books and handed out additional pages to those in attendance.

Door prizes drawn for went to Darla Thompson and Ruth Schafbuch.  Wilma Tank moved to adjourn, Jeannine Peiffer seconded, meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

Submitted for Review by Darla Thompson, Secretary