Iowa Master Farm Homemakers



IMFHG Spring Meeting 4-15-23:  Pella Opera House, Pella IA

President Joyce Gauger called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.   She gave a thank you to the hostesses Joyce Stover and Kelly Keitzer for organizing everything and welcomed visitors.

Darla Thompson led the Pledge of Allegiance in place of Secretary Carol Gilbert who was unable to attend due to knee surgery.  There are cards on the registration table for 50 year members that all are encouraged to sign.  Joyce also has a card for Carol.

Mari Lynn Heineman gave the invocation using the theme of the day, Attitude of Gratitude.  She told what it is and to focus on what we have rather than what we donít.  We are to count our blessings by writing them down.  The group then sang America rather than our usual IMFHG song staying in the theme of the day.

Roll call began with honoring members in attendance in 5 year increments.  The 3 honored were Wilma Tank-1983; Cindee Schnekloth-1993; and Sondra Straight-2008.  Anne Marie Nelson read a letter from Rita Ann Venner as her way of keeping in touch since she cannot attend due to health reasons.  Regular roll call was then continued with 26 answering the call.

The secretaryís report had been available for reading ahead of the meeting.  Joyce called for any corrections or additions.  Anne Marie Nelson moved to accept the report as written, Coleen Van Dyke seconded, motion carried.

JoAnn Alumbaugh gave the treasurerís report detailing line items for clarification.  Assets to date are $69,618.43 including holdings in the foundation.  Dorothy Russell moved to accept the report, Coleen Van Dyke seconded, motion carried.  There were donation bags passed for both the Ruth B. Sayre and IMFHG Scholarship. 

Jeanne Handy reported for the National Master Farm Homemakers that this will be their last year with a meeting in Colorado.  She encouraged as many members as could to attend this meeting stating it is not too far to travel. 

Loy Walker gave a Country Womenís Council (CWC) report.  She spoke about us no longer being a member of NMFH but that there needs to be a better understanding about then also not being a member of either CWC or ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World).  Loy will be traveling to Malaysia for the Triennial in May and carrying our vote as delegate.  She spoke of a few items that will be voted on explaining we are the grassroots for these entities.  She also thanked the group for the monetary support and that her daughters and a daughter-in-law will be traveling with her.  There is a competition that anyone can enter which is making a shoe bag.  Go to to get the instructions.

Carol Messer found a clipping regarding having a Ruth B. Sayre day each March and perhaps more information can be found.  That scholarship was started in Iowa and managed by CWC.  There are 4-$500 Ruth B. Sayre scholarships given annually.

Marylou Ahrens reported on the newly created IMFHG Scholarship and she received 30 applications.  She explained the criteria for selecting the winner.  Three groups of people did evaluations including teens, adults involved in other scholarship evaluations plus members of our group.  Alison Rygh of Lake Mills was chosen and a check will be sent to the school she will attend.  Letters will be sent to all applicants.

Old Business: **JoAnn reported on contributions given in honor or memory of someone and that it could go to either the foundation or to the scholarship.  **Minutes from todayís meeting will be mailed to all members and will include a note regarding the constitution by-law that refers to mailings not being sent to members who have not paid for three years and how to become reinstated.  **The nomination form will be reviewed by Leah Maass and Anne Marie Nelson.  Marylou suggested to no longer have a nomination be a secret and Mari Lynn Heineman added to let the nominee complete the form but with help from the member who is doing the nominating

Changes will be voted on at the fall meeting.  Carol Messer stated that we need to not limit to 4 nominees if more are available.  Carol Gilbert is working on a tri-fold brochure that will explain who and what we are that could be attached to the scholarship and nomination form. 

New Business: **Joyce Stover suggests always being involved in a community service project the day before our spring and fall meetings.  This yearís quilt day was a big success with nearly 6 quilt tops completed for the Quilts Of Valor program.  She has put our groupís name down for working a Casserole Crew day at the Ronald McDonald House in Des Moines September 7th.  Those who sign up will decide on a recipe, bring the ingredients and put the casseroles together in disposable pans for baking later.  They are used by families staying there while a family member is hospitalized. **Some members brought up our organizationís membership in ACWW and how that was talked about last fall but how some felt it was not clear.  More information will be brought forward regarding membership as a group and its cost and benefit plus the option of being a personal member.  Cindee Schnekloth moved to table the discussion of being a group member of ACWW until fall, Carol Messer seconded, motion carried.

The fall meeting of the IMFHG will be held September 8th, 2023 at the Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines.

Door prizes went to Dorothy Russell and Ruth Shafbuch.

Leah moved to adjourn at 11:15 a.m., Anne Marie seconded, motion carried.  Members and guests were given a tour of the Pella Opera House prior to lunch.              

In Addition:  After lunch members and guests enjoyed a Quilts Of Valor program where 4 quilts were given to past and present military personnel of members.  Kathleen Jones, QOV Coordinator, gave a history of the program and then presented quilts to the following:  Robert Maass, spouse of Leah Maass; Emily Elkin, daughter of Leah Maass; Ronald Gauger, spouse of Joyce Gauger; and Denis Schulte, brother of Marylou Ahrens.