Iowa Master Farm Homemakers



4-23-2022 Spring Meeting:  Shores of Five Island Lake, Emmetsburg

President Joyce Gauger called the meeting to order at 9:45 a.m.  She acknowledged the theme of “What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?” and welcomed all members and guests in attendance.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Secretary Darla Thompson.  Cindee Schnekloth led the group in singing the IMFHG Song.  Acting Vice President Anne Marie Nelson gave the invocation message.

There were 29 members who answered the Roll Call of Classes led by Darla.  Members also spoke of any recent special events and/or birthdays.  Members were asked to report any change of address, phone number or deaths they may hear of to Darla in order to keep the membership records up-to-date. 

The secretary’s report had been mailed to members.  Loy Walker saw an error in the location of the next CWC meeting which will be in Little Rock, Arkansas and not Hot Springs as reported in last fall’s minutes.  JoAnn Alumbaugh moved to accept the secretary’s report as corrected, Anne Marie Nelson seconded, motion carried.

Treasurer JoAnn Alumbaugh reported that we nearly broke even hosting the National Master Farm Homemaker meeting and that we had two sponsorships which helped. The new editor of Wallaces Farmer is Jennifer Carrico whom JoAnn has had a conversation with regarding the future relationship with our organization which proved to be positive.  It is hopeful that expenses turned in last fall will now be reimbursed as they had gotten set aside due to the change of editors.  There is $13,417.50 in the checkbook.  The Foundation has $66,291.71 with our total assets standing at $79.709.21.  There are 45 members paid to date.  Leah Maass moved to approve the treasurer’s report as given, Coleen Van Dyke seconded, motion carried.

Discussion about the Historian’s role showed that it is meant to be a central person who collects information such as news articles, etc on our members and Leah Maass has taken full books given her by Historian Sondra Straight to where they are housed. Cindee Schnekloth will keep the history for now.  There is interest in possibly digitizing records having a website for all member information.  Kelly Keitzer volunteered to work on doing a new website but there will still be a main 3-ring binder of member initial inductee information kept. 

NMFHG President Jeanne Handy reported that Kansas will drop out of the organization as of after the September 2022 meeting in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  She is looking for suggestions as to the future.  Jeanne stated that Colorado is meeting today and will be discussing the future of the organization.  Their initial plan is to remain but it will depend on their discussion today.  Cindee Schnekloth moved to table this decision until the fall meeting, Pat Carney seconded, motion carried.  Information is to be included in the fall meeting mailing, to be held Thursday, September 8th in Des Moines at the Airport Holiday Inn. (THIS IS A CHANGE – The meeting was rescheduled to avoid the Labor Day holiday weekend.)

CWC President Loy Walker reported that if we drop out of the national organization it will affect our membership in the CWC because we are members of both CWC and ACWW by being a member of NMFHG.  The annual CWC meeting will be held September 19-22 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The world president from South Africa will be there and is coming both to this meeting as well as the national meeting.  Loy has presented a resolution to the ACWW that an emphasis be put on including vitamin D3 in our diets.  If this resolution is accepted it would then be presented at the Triennial which will be held in Malaysia in 2023.  If accepted there the resolution would go out to all world governments.  Loy explained that news sheets can be found on the website and the registration information is located there.  April 29 is Women Walk the World and Loy added, “For a better tomorrow”.

Treasurer JoAnn Alumbaugh passed two project bags for donations which were for CWC and for Ruth B. Sayre scholarship.

Leah Maass did a review of the constitution and bylaws.  Discussion on each point took place but due to time constraints not all changes were reviewed.  Further discussion and a final vote were tabled until our fall meeting.

New Business:  Marylou Ahrens reported on drawing up an Iowa Ruth B. Sayre scholarship.  The national Sayre scholarship has always been handled by the NMFHG secretary and a selection made by the vice president of the CWC.  There were no applicants this year and discussion as to why and how we can be a better voice for Iowa applicants took place.  It was suggested that each member can be that voice in our county by getting the form out to schools possibly through a contact with the local FFA and/or personally handing the form to someone they feel is qualified to apply.  The form can be found on our website via the link to CWC and then it is to be sent to the Iowa president for her signature and she will send on.  Discussion followed on creating an Iowa based scholarship which will be for an Iowa girl only.  This would require a by-law change listed as #8 under Article V-Finances.  Cindee Schnekloth moved to give $500 to our national organization and $500 to a newly created state scholarship, JoAnn Alumbaugh seconded, motion carried.

JoAnn moved to develop a study group to discuss how our organization looks going forward to be appointed by our president, Leah Maass seconded, motion carried.  Joyce Stover and Mardyll Benson volunteered to be a part of this group. 

Leah then gave an update on our member binders that they need to be made current.  Jeanne Handy moved to have them updated completely for the $762 as presented, Cindee Schnekloth seconded, motion carried.

Jeanne Handy moved to purchase a second Sukup bin to go to Haiti for $7500, Pat Carney seconded.  After some discussion the motion carried.

Old Business:  Next spring’s meeting will be April 15 due to being the week after Easter.

Jeanene Peiffer moved to adjourn at 12:30 p.m., Mardyll Benson seconded, motion carried.

Joyce Gauger for door prizes made an angel food cake and, from the yolks, then made homemade noodles.  The cake was won by Carol Messer and the noodles by Joyce Stover.

A delicious noon luncheon was prepared by the Iowa Lakes Community College Hospitality program students.  A giant thank you to Anne Marie Nelson for coordinating everything right down to serving chicken salad on “nests” of shoestring potatoes in an old fashioned glass chicken candy dish!